Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood Support in Surrey
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Hi, I’m Leah

Self confessed birth geek and complete mother lover

I believe everyone deserves an empowering start to Motherhood – and that all starts in pregnancy and with your birth experience.


You also deserve all of the support you need to navigate the challenges that Motherhood brings, whether you’re a first time Mum or your family is growing.


Take a look around, make yourself at home and if you want to have a chat about anything, give me a shout x

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Pregnancy and Birth Support

Completely unique, independent and totally no BS approach to preparing for birth.

Support for Motherhood

I’m not going to tell you how anything should be done, I’ll give you realistic and non-judgemental support so you can find YOUR way.

It takes a village after all…

Making friends for free, online or in person, in lots of different ways and no cringey organised fun, I promise!

Private Birth Preparation Course

"Practising was like visiting a spa"

I felt so pampered whenever I took the time to practice hypnobirthing - it was like visiting a spa for me! I’d run a bath, lights some aromatherapy candles and play my hypnobirthing MP3s and would just feel so relaxed.

-Kirsty, first time mum

Hypnobirthing based Birth Preparation

"Rare time out to focus on me"

It was a chance to take some rare time out to focus on me and my birth prep in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I learned some great techniques to help relax - the marble and tongue one was great for pregnancy insomnia and I use it multiple times every night now to get back to sleep after night feeds. It was also lovely to have a chance to meet other pregnant mums and to share experiences and get support. Leah is amazing and her support totally transformed my birth, she is inspiring and knowledgeable and goes above and beyond in all she does

-Lorna, second time mum

Group Birth Preparation Course

"We felt fully prepared for whatever birth threw our way"

As a midwife I've seen the power of hypnobirthing and being well informed and prepared. My wife and I took Leah's Birth Preparation classes which we absolutely loved. Leah is so passionate and inspirational and her classes were the perfect combination of informative, fun and relaxing. We felt fully prepared for whatever birth threw our way and I was well prepped to be the best birth supporter ever! What could have been a complicated and scary induction of labour was a calm yet speedy beautiful experience - Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

-Joycelyn & Emma