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5 ideas to relieve morning sickness

The Pure Peach  Morning Sickness   5 ideas to relieve morning sickness

5 ideas to relieve morning sickness

Morning sickness is unfortunately really common – around 50% of people experience actual sickness while 80% of pregnant women experience nausea. I have some friends who have had full on, all day sickness throughout their pregnancy! I mean… give us a break, we’re growing bloody humans!


What really gets my goat about morning sickness is that it’s normally at it’s worst while you’re keeping your pregnancy to yourself in those early days, when there are big changes to your hormones.


Most people only suffer from morning sickness until around 16-20 weeks so if you’re reading this early on in your first trimester… phew, hopefully it’ll soon be over!


Here are 5 tried and tested (by me) ways to hopefully give you some relief:




I mean, this isn’t ideal when you’re still working and trying to act normal so people don’t get suspicious but if you can get your head down as much as possible, treat yourself to a relaxing treatment, listen to a Hypnobirthing MP3, anything that’s going to chill you out, that’s really going to help as tiredness and increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone) can make morning sickness worse.




Staying hydrated and drinking little and often is going to make a big difference, why not treat yourself to one of those nice water bottles so you don’t forget/have to keep getting up to get more water.




This is probably going to be the last thing you want to do but actually eating little and often, so that you never have an empty stomach is something that works for a lot of people. I found that a couple of rich tea biscuits in the morning before my breakfast made me feel less queasy.




Lots of women find that acupressure works really well, you can buy some of those travel sickness bands or just apply pressure to your wrists. Some research has shown that your brain releases chemicals when pressure is applied to points on your wrist to help reduce sickness and nausea.




this is based on Chinese medicine so if you’re feeling quite hot with your sickness or nausea then try a peppermint tea, if you’re feeling cold then try some grated ginger in hot water.


These were my fave ways to get some relief.  There are loads, everyone is different, if you have any others please do share so we can help each other keep the vom’ to a minimum!


Leah x