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EFT – what is it and how does it work?

The Pure Peach  EFT   EFT – what is it and how does it work?

EFT – what is it and how does it work?

I wanted to share some information about one of the techniques that I use when I work with my 1:1 clients as I’m using it more and more often these days and think it’s such a bloody brilliant way to make really quick changes to how you’re feeling. It’s called EFT – you might have already heard of it? If not, there’s more info below:


EFT – what on earth is it?


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.


It’s a self-help technique that you can use for LOADS of things like reducing stress, phobias, weight loss, fears, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.


It’s often described as acupuncture without the needles – the idea is that you tap/use acupressure on specific parts of your body, in the same way that acupuncture does but you’re using your finger and not needles.


Now… it might sound a bit whacky woo woo but bear with me, I’ve been using EFT for years on myself and with clients and I’ve had some pretty amazing results!

How does it work?


So, the idea is, it works in the same way that acupuncture works on your energy meridians. The specific tapping points in EFT are the end points of your energy meridians.


This is such a great way to literally take how you feel into your own hands and make positive changes. The thing I love about it is often really quick – you can feel differently after only a couple of minutes!


Where did I first discover EFT?


The first time I encountered EFT was at the Mind, Body and Spirit event in London – it was about 6 or 7 years ago now. I was with a friend and we were both really intrigued when we saw a group of people tapping their faces… of course we wanted to have a go!


We went over and got talking to one of the EFT practitioners who asked us if either of us had an upsetting memory that we wanted to feel differently about. We both said yes and so she asked us to rate how upsetting the memory was on a scale of 1-10 so we did that. She then got us to tap on various points on our faces and hands while saying things for us to repeat… one of the things I loved about it was that she didn’t want any detail about what it was, as long as we were focusing on it in our own heads we didn’t have to talk about the upsetting memory out loud.


We did this tapping sequence about three or four times and OH. MY. GOD. It was ridiculous – the upsetting memory went from being full colour, surround sound, full on knot in my stomach, tears in my eyes when we started, to a black and white non-event. It was so frikkin’ weird!


I trained in EFT the year after and since then I’ve used it loads myself. I also use it a lot with clients and who’ve had some pretty brilliant results!



The beauty of EFT is that it’s a DIY or self-help tool – once you’ve learnt the tapping sequence you can use it whenever you need to.

How has EFT helped my clients?


I’ve worked with women who have bad backs and who’ve tapped and it’s really helped with the pain, women who’ve had traumatic experiences that really impacted their everyday lives, who now don’t feel triggered by the experience anymore, women who struggle to manage physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety who use it to manage symptoms on a day to day basis but also to manage stress levels generally and so much more.


The beauty of EFT is that it’s a DIY or self-help tool – once you’ve learnt the tapping sequence you can use it whenever you need to.


What I would say on that is though, sometimes if it’s a particularly difficult or upsetting thing that you’re dealing with, having support from an EFT Practitioner is going to make things a lot easier on you.


So there you have it, now you know what EFT is.


If you’d like to book an EFT session with me or if you’ve got any questions, give me a shout! EFT sessions are £60 per hour or £100 for 2 consecutive hours, £150 for 3 consecutive hours.


Leah x

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