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Let’s talk about how painful labour is…

The Pure Peach  Birth Preparation   Let’s talk about how painful labour is…

Let’s talk about how painful labour is…

You’ll never hear me say that birth is pain free.


What I will say though, is that when I think about my birth, pain isn’t the first word that comes to mind. In fact words like powerful, intense and exhausting are the first words I think of.


I had gall stones a couple of years ago they are A LOT more painful than birth in my opinion, so if you’ve ever had gall stones, birth is not that bad at all!


There are lots of reasons why some people experience more pain during labour than others. There’s one in particular that is easily remedied and that is fear.


Yep, being scared can make your labour more uncomfortable.


When your mind is calm and relaxed so is your body right?


Well, if you’re feeling scared, tense and anxious that is going to have an impact on your body, specifically your muscles. Your uterus is a big bag of muscles, so it makes complete sense that you’d be more uncomfortable in labour if you’re not relaxed.


Try tensing your whole hand with your fingers outstretched now, while you’re tensing try and wiggle your fingers. Difficult and uncomfortable right?


Now shake out your hand and take a nice deep breath in and out in your own time, now just wiggle your fingers. Much easier, not uncomfortable at all.


You may be a first time mum and have got no idea what to expect so you’ve got fear of the unknown, you may have already had a baby and your birth wasn’t what you wanted or what you expected, so you are filled with dread that it’s going to be a repeat of last time.


You don’t have to feel like this. You can do something about it. There are lots of ways, I’m not suggesting that I’m your only option but I have a solid track record and have worked with lots of couples to help them prepare for birth and overcome fear around birth and all sorts of other things.


Here are the ways I can help you…


Birth Preparation course with Hypnobirthing techniques – a full 10 hour antenatal course, walking you through every aspect of birth so that you know exactly what to expect, the importance of mindset and lots of techniques to make your birth more comfortable, how to make evidence based decisions with confidence, what choices you have, what your rights are, how to navigate the system and plan a birth that’s right for you.


Birth Preparation Basics workshop – a basic understanding of labour and how your mindset impacts your experience and some simple techniques to make you more comfortable and a complete guide so that you can do the research yourself in your own time.


Pregnancy Relaxation classes – an hour a week dedicated to you and your relaxation. You’ll get lots of tips, tools and techniques to help you feel relaxed not just for birth but also for a calm start to motherhood and life generally. You’ll also be guided through a group relaxation, so it’s a great way to dedicate time to practice on a weekly basis if you’ve done a course or a workshop too.


Positive Birth Movement – a monthly free antenatal group, we have a subject each month that we talk about, we hear inspiring, positive birth stories and talk about any concerns you have about your pregnancy or birth.


Hypnotherapy – you might have already done an antenatal class that didn’t include hypnobirthing techniques or the fear release that I do on my course so you’re still not completely over those fears but don’t need the birth preparation bit. A 2 hour session to help you feel positive and in control about birth.


To get in touch with me you can call me on 07786 556665 or email leah@thepurepeach.com.


Leah x