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Is Birth Preparation just for first time mums?

The Pure Peach  Birth Preparation   Is Birth Preparation just for first time mums?

Is Birth Preparation just for first time mums?

“Birth Preparation Courses are for first time mums… aren’t they?” Someone said this to me earlier so thought I’d set the record straight as I guess it’s probably quite a common misconception!


Birth Preparation / Hypnobirthing isn’t just for first time mums!


I meet a lot of mums who are preparing to meet subsequent babies and feel like their first birth didn’t go entirely to plan because they didn’t prepare or give it much thought. They just ‘went with the flow’ and felt scared during labour when they were having to make decisions without evidence or much knowledge about what was going on. They felt completely powerless and felt like their birth was in someone elses hands.


These women didn’t necessarily have traumatic births but they do feel negative about the experience because they felt like they had no control whatsoever over their birth, they didn’t know they had choices and rights so they were making decisions from a place of fear rather than from a place of confidence.


Imagine if this time around, regardless of the situation you felt…


✨ Completely in control. You understood the importance of tailoring your environment whether you’re in the birth centre on the labour ward or you’re choosing to birth at home.


✨ You understood the importance of the amazing hormones involved during labour and you were able to use them to your advantage to make the whole process of giving birth more comfortable.


✨ You knew all of the pain relief available to you – natural pain relief and the pain relief that is available to you in each birth setting.


✨ You knew about all of the possible medical interventions and you could make informed decisions based on the benefits and risks to you and to your baby, so that no matter what you chose, you’d know it was your fully informed decision.


There aren’t any guarantees when it comes to birth, it’s unpredictable and rarely perfect. You will however, stack the odds in your favour of a positive experience by preparing, planning and feeling confident and in control.


If you want to know more about my no nonsense, evidence based birth preparation courses then click here for all of the info.


Leah x

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