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Are you trying to be positive?

The Pure Peach  Birth Preparation   Are you trying to be positive?

Are you trying to be positive?

“I’m just trying to be positive”


Do you say this? Do you think this?


In the words of our wise friend Yoda “Do or do not, there is no try”


What about if you were just positive? Trying requires constant effort, why not stop trying and just be positive?


It’s not that easy is it – that’s why the ‘try’ word is there in the first place. It doesn’t feel as scary to say that you’re trying. It feels more comfortable than the alternative, to commit to something completely.


Especially something as huge as saying “I am positive about this” when you’re not for what ever reason.


This can apply to all areas of your life and if you’re invited to something you feel obligated to go to, you’ll try and be there. You’re probably not going to go are you? If it was a priority you’d be there. You’d make it happen.


When it comes to giving birth this language and this frame of mind is really important for so many reasons.


It’s important because if you’re trying to stay positive, are you ever going to get there? Are you ever really going to feel positive and if so when?

Can you imagine the impact it would have if you go into labour not feeling confident? Not believing in yourself. Not believing in your body.


You can say “I am rich beyond my wildest dreams” until you’re blue in the face but without taking action alongside this statement, you’ve still only got £12.50 in your bank account.


Affirmations, positive thinking and all of those other very powerful tools are more like maintenance. They’ll only get you so far if underneath all of that you’re nervous, or even full on shitting your pants scared.


Action on your part is what is really going to make the difference and once you’re in a place where you’ve put all of those underlying fears to bed, you’ve taken control of what you can control, you’ve got a solid, realistic plan and you’re feeling confident, that’s when you can say, “I am positive about this” and mean it.

Then maintaining that and staying in alignment with that is key – that’s where your affirmations and positive thinking comes into play very nicely indeed.


Imagine, instead of saying “I’m trying to stay positive” you’re saying “I’ve completely got this” and you’re feeling all of those feelings that go along with that too.


Spending the rest of your pregnancy feeling excited about meeting your baby without all of those horrible, niggly doubts and worries.



For info about preparing for birth with me – here are your options www.thepurepeach.com/Hypnobirthing


If you’re already covered with an antenatal course but want some help to feel more positive, confident and in control then call me – I have so many ways to help you feel differently. 07786 556665


Stop trying. Be.


Leah x

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