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Birth of Elliott by Lorna

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BIRTH STORY - It was an amazing birth and totally beyond my expectations. Couldn't be more of a contrast to the birth of my older son. I'm so grateful to everyone who helped me prepare and believed in me... - click this quote to read more...

– Birth of Elliott by Lorna

Birth of Elliott by Lorna


Wednesday (40 weeks exactly) I went to hospital with reduced movements. Doctors started recommending induction even though everything was fine on monitors. I declined. They strongly recommended a sweep, again I declined. It made me realise how keen I was for things to start naturally. I started listening to hypnosis track for overdue babies, to encourage him to arrive soon.


Mild Contractions started Saturday morning. I walked 10km during day and they were sporadic during that time. By evening they were every 15-20 mins and manageable just with some yoga moves. I was crocheting a blanket in between contractions while sitting on yoga blocks and then putting it down and rocking forward onto all fours and doing hip rotations and figures of 8. The contractions  continued occasionally overnight but I managed to sleep through most of them.


On Sunday morning my contractions were fairly regular but not strong. They were about every 10-20 mins but calmed down when out and about walking. We took our 4 year old out Pokemon hunting and walked 10km. I inhaled clary sage throughout the day to try and keep things going.


Contractions became regular, 10-15 mins apart around 6.30-7pm Sunday just after our four year old went to bed. I inhaled some clary sage to try and get them to a consistent pattern. I started having to concentrate more and breathe through but it was still not a problem to handle them with yoga and breathing alone. I did put the crochet down by this point though!


Around 9pm my husband had a quick read through positive birth book to remind himself of the stages of labour and what to expect.


By 10pm contractions got fairly intense around 7 mins apart and I put tens machine on low and did yoga. I’d stopped using clary sage by this point as didn’t want it to speed up too much. My body had a clearout around 1130pm so I was on the toilet a lot and contractions sped up to every 3 mins. I remembered this from my first labour and recognised that the increase in contractions didn’t mean that baby was on his way, just that my body was getting ready so I stayed calm (last time this is when I panicked and went to hospital, way too early). After the clearout the contractions went back to 7 mins apart.


At 1239am I called birth centre to say that contractions had been every 5-7 mins for last 45 mins, speeding up to every 3 mins if I walked around, and they said to come in. I felt it was early but took their advice (eventually, after saying “but I’m really happy here doing my yoga” and them really encouraging me to go in, saying it was quiet there and they had a room ready for me). While I was waiting for hubby to get car the contractions increased to every 2-3 mins and my friend who had come to look after my son was rubbing my back and telling me I was doing great. I had to turn tens up to help me cope. In between contractions I still felt really well and was faffing around packing extra stuff in bags and wittering on about things my son might need (in my first labour I never had the break between contractions due to him being back to back so it was really nice to have this time when I felt ok).


The car journey to St Helier was about 15 mins and I had around 5- 6 contractions on the way but in between I was fine and chatting away and setting up satnav. I could feel pressure in my bum so thought baby might be really close but I felt really calm and not at all worried.


We got to hospital around 1.30am.


I was taken straight to birth centre. I agree to be examined at 1.45am and was 3cm dilated which I was disappointed about but midwife said not to be concerned as it could go very quick. She wasn’t wrong. She did a small sweep and things really ramped up.


The dimmable lights were broken in birth centre so I couldn’t have low lighting but it was fine.


I was allowed into pool immediately (they started running it when I called as they knew it wouldn’t be long even though I was in denial!) and did some yoga in the pool during contractions. By 3am I was fully dilated and it got very intense. I inhaled lavender oil, used yoga moves and breathing with lots of support from hubby and midwife. I hadn’t expected to progress so quickly so although I recognised my behaviour and as transition (as did hubby) I was quite worried that it wasn’t transition yet and I wasn’t coping. I was saying I couldn’t do it and I started to doubt myself and asked midwife if I was progressing, she told me yes and she thought baby would surprise me. I felt burning and pressure and realised he was crowning. Then it took just 11 mins of pushing and baby was born in the water at 3.11am. Cord was around his neck but it caused no issues with delivery.


No drugs or gas and air, just yoga, aromatherapy and breathing. I won’t lie, it hurt! But it was so worth every pain.


Midwife and student midwife were absolutely amazing as was my husband! They were like my team of cheerleaders!


It was an amazing birth and totally beyond my expectations. Couldn’t be more of a contrast to the birth of my older son. I’m so grateful to everyone who helped me prepare and believed in me.