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Birth of a baby boy by P

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BIRTH STORY - I had a successful VBAC and was so happy with all my choices and decisions. I cannot thank everyone enough on my journey because it was absolutely amazing! I honestly cannot reiterate how much this birth was so positive despite going totally off the plan and how excellent everyone’s contributions were at every step of my journey... - click this quote to read more...

– Birth of a baby boy by P

Birth of a baby boy by P


The day before my due date whilst I was cooking dinner at about 6.30pm I started to get tingling sensations and I looked at my hubby and said uh oh here we go and boom first contraction hit in full effect (I had been having some braxton hicks on the week before and reflexology that morning)…. we then had a knock at the door by a surprise visitor (hubbys good mate) and me being me, tried to be fine and continue like normal except it was hard as I faced each contraction!


I then had an urge to go toilet, nope it wasn’t my waters but it was the initial ‘clear out’. I messaged Ellen and said my contractions are here but they are roughly 2-3 every 10 mine at that point she messaged me back saying that she was going off duty…. my heart absolutely sunk and I was shitting it to be honest! But then I pulled myself together and thought of relaxed jaw relaxed fanny and told myself I’m going to do this. I then messaged Rose and she said told her the same about my contractions she reassured me and said she would be there and let her know when they were 3 in 10min.


So with contractions well underway and trying to put my just turned three year old/threenager to bed I started trying to relax as best as I could. My husband and I were having open dialogue and making sure we went through the birth plan, obviously with having a surprise visitor we actually tried to look at the positive. We both decided to ask him to stay with us in case our three year old woke up. Again this felt like an empowering decision that we both made. A few hours went by and the surges did get more intense and it was time to call Rose as I was getting 4 on 10min she said to set up the birthing pool and she was making her was. She came to us sooner than I expected greeting me with a smile and reassuring me, she asked if I wanted to get in the pool and if I wanted the gas and air in the room. Without further ado I was in the pool and the gas and air were on standby. I immediately felt 1000 times better and got into a really relaxed state. We then noticed that the air in the pool was leaking and one side was deflating. Again I was like fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk and trying to keep calm and composed so hubby wouldn’t panic I just looked towards Rose and she just knew what I was thinking and handled it! She was telling hubby exactly what to do without taking any decisions from us it was absolutely amazing if I’m honest!


A few more hours go by, Rose asked if another midwife could come (I feel bad I can’t remember her name) I said yes. Another few hours go by I’m literally saying to Rose I can’t do it anymore and she is reassuring me I can so I persevere. At about 7am the next morning I say to Rose I can’t do it I want to go into hospital and I wanted an epidural Rose was amazing and encouraged me to keep trying but there was something inside me that told me to go. I said to Rose I’m ready to go to hospital, she needed to examine me and when I got out of the pool I thought why the hell did I do that!!  The pain relief from the water was unreal until I got out and oh my fucking god! I was 8cm dilated with baby back to back and a swollen cervix!


I asked my husband, while Rose was on the phone, to get our son ready and drop him in to nursery like normal for 8am and meet me at the hospital. Rose got off the phone explained to me what was going on and the ambulance turned up! Talk about fast! In the ambulance one of them asked Rose what the crocus team were and if she was part of the hospital, I looked at Rose rolled my eyes and we both chuckled! Despite having sooooo many surges lol.


Now it was time to get off the ambulance and into the labour ward room where there was an anaesthetist, doctor, midwife and a student of some kind. Now the walk from the ambulance to the delivery room was adventurous as I think I practically scared every person in the vicinity that could hear me whilst squatting and releasing the surges vocally! And to think I’m usually a prude woman!!!!


Whilst I made my way there I asked Rose if she could stay with me until hubby arrived and she looked at me reassuringly and said of course she would. Until then I left Rose in charge. Hubby came in and the doctors examined me to say I was 7cm dilated but baby was back to back and my cervix was swollen. She said I may need a c section and my heart dropped as my first born was a c section with not many choices. We asked if we could have time to think about things and give a decision. These were wise words from the positive birth movement and hypnobirthing sessions that I walked away from and remembered. I asked to think about while my demands for epidural were met. My midwife in the hospital was sooooooo amazing too. Rose had to leave at this point but left confidently which left me and my husband in a really good place.


After an hour the doctor checked me again to say I was now 6 cm dilated and that I may need a hormone drip. It was all going backwards and wrong! Again my husband and I asked for time to think about it, the doctor was also amazing and I felt at ease that it was another female talking to me. In between the doctor seeing me the midwife was absolutely assuring me and saying that I will give birth before her shift was over at 8pm then going on to general chit chat about her children.


For a few hours there was nothing happening at all and I was getting quite drowsy and resting. During the day the doctor saw me in intervals and it had got to about 6pm and she was starting to suggest a c section as not much was progressing and I was understanding that there was a possible risk to the baby so I looked towards my husband and he was looking down towards the floor and whilst the doctor was walking out he urgently got the midwifes attention to say there was something leaking on the floor. I was in a zone preparing my mind for the thought of a c section and I could hear the midwife and my husband scurrying about. Turns out that my hormone drip was leaking. The midwife grabbed a pad to soak up all that was on the floor and ran to the doctor they weighed the pad and another unabsorbed pad and it turned out that half the hormone drip had leaked out. The midwife, doctor, my husband and myself made a decision that another hormone drip would be administered and if nothing happened in an hour then a c section would go ahead…..


By 7pm I was 8 centimetres dilated still not enough, doctor said she would come back in 10 min somehow when she came back I was fully dilated and ready to push. She said she may have to do an episiotomy and at this point I trusted in her whilst looking at my midwife then my husband who both gave me encouraging nods.


The doctor said to me to give a practice push, she said I did it well told me to do it again then she said the head was out…. I was so shocked she told me to push again and there was my baby being given to me whilst my husband revealed the gender…. a beautiful baby boy weighing in at 9lb at 7.45pm!!! Whaaaaaaaatttttttt 9lb!!!!!!! Just in the nick of time before my midwife went off duty.


I had a successful VBAC and was so happy with all my choices and decisions. I cannot thank everyone enough on my journey because it was absolutely amazing! I honestly cannot reiterate how much this birth was so positive despite going totally off the plan and how excellent everyone’s contributions were at every step of my journey.


The next day Rose and Ellen came to see me and gave me such reassurance and reminded me of how well I actually did. I cannot thank them enough for everything they did.


There are some details that I’ve probably missed as it was 26 hours long……