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Birth of Gabriella by Beccie

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Birth of Gabriella by Beccie

This was my second pregnancy and I was extremely anxious to say the least as my first labour didn’t go too good for me! I decided to go ‘hypnobirthing’ to see if this would change my mindset on birth and labour. I done a birth preparation course with a lovely lady named Leah Freeman.


I didn’t expect to come out feeling relaxed about my labour at all, but I did! Leah changed my mind & fears about labour and birth and felt so much more positive about the soon arrival of my baby girl.


I wrote 3 birth plans and covered all scenario’s that could happen so I had a back-up plan. I was in labour for 3 days and the techniques Leah taught me worked a treat! I breathed through all of the contractions and stayed calm. Day 3 of being in labour and going back and fourth to the hospital, I decided that this time I wasn’t going home without having my baby in my arms. I was fed up and felt my labour was getting no where, but carried on and just breathed through my contractions.


I got to the hospital, the delivery suite was packed and the consultant wouldn’t let the midwife break my waters. 2 hours later, the midwife came back to me and said about inducing me using a tablet. I was teary and felt scared but felt positive that this was the next step for me to meet my baby and read through my book on mindset on birth and started to feel calm. I had heard horrible things about being induced but I chose to ignore it and listen to the advice/support Leah had given me.


An hour later, the midwife came back with the tablet to induce me. 10 minutes after having it my contractions was coming more intense and more painful, but carried on breathing through them. 20 mins after having the tablet I decided to go for a walk to speed things up and bit and my gosh they did!


My husband carried me up the stairs (lift wasn’t working) and took me to a ward where my contractions was coming every two minutes. They rushed me through to delivery suite and my waters broke from the midwife checking how dilated I was… I was 9CM!


Just 25 minutes after having the tablets I was ready to give birth. With no pain relief I pushed my baby out in 6 minutes. I was amazed that with my first born, I had an epidural and with my second, I had no pain relief what so ever! I honestly couldn’t of done it without the help and support Leah had given me.


This time round, I was more positive and took everything that came at me with ease and just followed with what I felt was best for me and my baby. Thank you so much again Leah for your support! Highly recommend this lady!