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May 2018

5 simple self care ideas for busy mums

calming blend, but it’s definitely very calming! I’m not saying for one minute that if you have a bath, listen to an audiobook and sniff some oils you’re going to be transformed into a zenned out super mum (because I really don’t believe she exists), but...

Pain relief for labour – TENs Machine

What the hell is a TENs machine and how does it work? A TENs machine is a form of pain relief that you can use during labour. The idea is that the pain relief is provided by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to relieve pain, by helping your...

Birth of James by Liz & Trevor

The birth was just what we wanted even though we had difficult decisions to make and that James was 4 weeks early. Without using our hypnobirthing techniques, I’m sure our birth could have been an entirely different experience....