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When did you stop speaking up for yourself?

When did you stop speaking up for yourself?

The first thing you did on the day you were born was cry – you started your life by putting yourself first… speaking up for yourself and making sure that your basic needs were met.

When did you stop speaking up for yourself? Asking for what you need? Making sure that your own basic needs were met?

Now, I’m not suggesting you shave your head, put a onesie on and start screaming in people’s faces and crapping your pants…

I invite you to think though, how different your life would be if you prioritised yourself and your own needs as well…

What if you made the decision to speak up for yourself, ask for what you need and you made the time and space to prioritise yourself every single day in some way?

Imagine the impact that would have on your state of mind and how you feel, not just generally but how you feel about yourself.

What if you made this kind of commitment to yourself, every single day, even on the days that you didn’t want to, even on the days when it felt hard or you couldn’t be arsed…

Feeling confident, in control, in charge of your own life, trusting and not second guessing yourself, knowing that you are doing a bloody good job, embracing your imperfections and bouncing back from challenges quicker.

This is all waiting for you on the other side of that decision.

Choosing to take that self care beyond a bath and a slab of chocolate. Asking yourself what you need, listening and responding and responding and responding…

There is no quick fix, there is no magic pill – this is about nurturing the most long standing and important relationship you will ever have.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

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