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9 ways to ditch Mum guilt

9 ways to ditch Mum guilt

As uncomfortable as Mum guilt is, it’s important to remember the reason that we get it is because we care so much.

If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t feel guilty!

Guilt is one of those feelings that we can’t get rid of entirely and we wouldn’t want to. It can be pretty useful, like if you forget your friend’s birthday, you suddenly remember the day after and you feel guilty that you haven’t wished them a happy birthday… You’ll take action.

Or, another example, when I was a baby my mum left me in my pram outside the chemist. She went in did her shopping, walked straight past me on the way out, walked around the corner to our house, when she got through the front door, my Dad said “have you forgotten something!?” Without that pang of guilt (and probably panic) my Mum wouldn’t have rushed straight back to the chemist to collect me.

In those scenarios guilt is helpful, like a message that we respond to, we take action and it’s resolved.

What isn’t helpful is the ongoing mental torture that we can often then spiral into, long after we’ve taken action and resolved whatever the source of guilt was.

What can also cause ongoing discomfort is if we feel like we can’t take action or resolve what’s causing the guilt.

I created this download as a guide to ditching some of the most common causes of Mum guilt.

The next time that joy crushing Mum guilt creeps in, you can acknowledge it without judgement, thank it for the message and reminder that you are a caring mum then use any one of these suggestions in the guide to stop beating yourself up.

Love, Leah x

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