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Does this sound familiar?

It feels uncomfortable doesn’t it… not being in control or feeling very confident… maybe even feeling completely out of your depth…


I get it – when you found out you were pregnant you were over the moon about becoming a mum for the first time, or your family growing again.


First up, there’s the birth – it might be fear of the unknown because you’re a first time mum who’s heard horror stories from friends and family… or it might be fear of the known because your first birth didn’t go as you’d hoped at all, in fact that’s an understatement, it was pretty bloody traumatic…


Then, there’s navigating the inevitable challenges that Motherhood brings, the mum guilt because you’re not enjoying every minute with your treasures.


The worry; am I doing a good job? How many rods have I made for my own back this week!? Have I been too shouty today!? A bit too generous with the screen time!?


Running your life, juggling and precariously balancing your various roles as a partner, mother, friend and all of the other things… ALL. OF. THE. THINGS.


… don’t worry, I’m not even going to mention sleep, or how long it’s been since you’ve had any…


I work with women just like you, don’t worry lovely – I’ve got your back! X

Who am I?

My name is Leah – I’m a Birth and Motherhood Coach.


My passion in life is to work with women like you, to help you realise/remember how frikkin’ amazing, capable and resilient you are.

I believe your birth experience is an opportunity for you to discover how strong you are physically and mentally.

I help women like you to prepare for a positive and realistic birth experience, on your terms. It’s all logical and backed by science – no vagina whispering or chanting I promise!


I know that being a Mum is hard. No, you aren’t going to love Motherhood 24/7/365 and that’s ok! You are going to have days where you want to sell the little turd(s) on Etsy and as long as you don’t, that’s ok too!

I help women like you to enjoy being a mum for the majority of the time, be more resilient on those days, take control of what you can control and let go of what you can’t, embrace your imperfections and have the confidence to trust your gut and parent in the way that works for you.


If enough is enough and you’re ready to get cracking, let’s talk! x

Hypnotherapy & Coaching

"overcome anxiety & constant worry"

"I have learned how to overcome anxiety and constant worry"


Hypnotherapy & Coaching

"enjoying Motherhood a lot more"

"I'm enjoying Motherhood a lot more and I feel more positive and confident"


Hypnotherapy & Coaching

"very confident about following my intuition now"

"Anxiety and worry about being a new Mum has significantly reduced and I am very confident about following my intuition now"


Hypnotherapy & Coaching

"happier, better mood, more positive"

"I felt really low... Now I feel happier, better mood, more positive and able to get out and about more"


Hypnotherapy & Coaching

"enhance my experience as a Mum"

"I have valuable techniques to enhance my experience as a Mum"


Hypnotherapy & Coaching

"able to trust more in what I feel"

"I was anxious about trusting my own gut instinct... Now I feel able to trust more in how I feel"


Hypnotherapy & Coaching

"more in control, positive and confident"

"I was anxious about my capabilities as a Mum, now I feel more in control, positive and confident".


Mihiri – hypnobirthing

"so different from all I had heard before"

We contacted Leah after hearing about hypnobirthing for the first time from a friend who was practising it during her pregnancy. I had never heard a positive birth story at that time and so was terrified about what was to come. However, from the very first chat I had with Leah she managed to put my mind at ease and choosing her services was a very easy decision to make. My husband and I did the private birth prep course and what we learnt was so different from all I had heard before that we decided to start planning a home birth! In addition to the hypnobirthing, Leah took time to listen to our concerns and helped us through all of them and the support we received from her was incredible. She was very generous with her time, knowledge and resources and is such a huge part of our own very positive birth story.

-Mihiri, first time mum

Jocelyn Laver-Scott

"We felt fully prepared for whatever birth threw our way"

As a midwife I've seen the power of hypnobirthing and being well informed and prepared. My wife and I took Leah's Birth Preparation classes which we absolutely loved. Leah is so passionate and inspirational and her classes were the perfect combination of informative, fun and relaxing. We felt fully prepared for whatever birth threw our way and I was well prepped to be the best birth supporter ever! What could have been a complicated and scary induction of labour was a calm yet speedy beautiful experience - Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

-Jocelyn, second time mum and Midwife

Charlotte Howard

"positive and in control"

I started looking into hypnobirthing during my second pregnancy as my first wasn’t a very positive birth experience and I could feel it was effecting my outlook on this second pregnancy. I came across The Pure Peach and instantly could relate to so many of the feelings that Leah would talk about. Not knowing very much about hypnobirthing I was a little apprehensive about what hypnobirthing would be like. But I shouldn’t have been worried. Leah is so lovely and her absolute passion and positivity towards hypnobirthing shines through in her teaching. She is wholeheartedly the reason I went into the end stage of my pregnancy feeling positive and in control and ready for what labour would bring. I cannot recommend her course highly enough. Such a wonderful ambassador for what hypnobirthing represents.

-Charlotte, second time mum

My Qualifications

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Teacher, NLP Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner, Positive Birth Movement Facilitator and Breastfeeding Supporter.


I am insured and have a full DBS & well as level 2 certificate in adult and paediatric first aid.

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