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EFT for Motherhood

A 2 hour intro’ to EFT – while you can use EFT for lots of things, this is going to be specifically focused around the challenges of motherhood. Because let’s face… it’s not always a walk in the frikkin’ park!


What the eff is EFT?


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.


It’s a self-help technique that you can use for LOADS of things like reducing stress, phobias, weight loss, cravings, fears, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.


It’s often described as acupuncture without the needles – the idea is that you tap/use acupressure on specific parts of your body, in the same way that acupuncture does but you’re using your finger and not needles.

Now… it might sound a bit whacky woo woo but bear with me, I’ve been using EFT for years on myself and with clients and I’ve had some pretty amazing results!


Here’s some feedback from women I’ve worked with…


“I had some EFT with Leah over the weekend and WOW – I feel great. I was a little sceptical at first…….I didn’t 100% believe that this could actually work for physical pain (which I have been having for months) – but as soon as Leah started to explain EFT to me it made total sense and after the session the pain was GONE. She have given me magical powers that I’ll use again and again.”


“Thank you Leah for the EFT Workshop. I felt amazing and was buzzing with energy that day. Since, I have tapped in the mornings to set my mood and high energy for the today. Your tools have been so valuable and now I have no excuse to feel sad, depressed or rubbish anymore. Thank you for your EFT love.”


“Leah, you gave me back my spark!! Thank you so much! I will recommend you to everyone! Thank you for teaching me EFT!! I am hooked.”


“Leah was so kind, calm & patient. She managed to put me at ease. EFT has really helped me with my anxiety. I would really recommend her to anyone.”


How does it work?


So, the idea is, it works in the same way that acupuncture works on your energy meridians. The specific tapping points in EFT are the end points of your energy meridians.


This is such a great way to literally take how you feel into your own hands and make positive changes. The thing I love about it is often really quick – you can feel differently after only a couple of minutes!


The info about the next workshop…


New dates coming soon – to give me a nudge feel free to e-mail me:


I keep the group small on purpose, there are only 6 places. If you’d like to book your space, please e-mail me on


£49 per person – if you book with a friend it’s £40 each.


This workshop is to teach you how to use EFT yourself – because it’s group workshop we’re not going to be able to work on anything in-depth or really personal, this is for managing everyday stress, worry and challenges of motherhood.


If you feel that you’d benefit from 1:1 session for anything more in depth then please do give me a call – 07786 556665. 1:1 EFT sessions are £60 for one hour, £100 for two consecutive hours and £150 for 3 consecutive hours.


Leah x