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Group Birth Preparation Course

What does the group course cover?


Hypnobirthing plays a huge part in the course, you’ll learn some really simple but powerful, evidence based techniques.


Mindset – what a huge part it plays in labour and how to feel more positive about birth.


What’s happening to your body when you’re in labour and the different stages.


Pain and why some women find labour really painful and others don’t, I’ll also give you a huge list of pain relief options that you’ve probably not even thought of!


How to stay in control of the things you can control and make informed decisions that are right for you as an individual without feeling pressure or fear.


We’ll talk about medical intervention, pain relief, ideal environment for birth without bias or judgement – you don’t need to be planning a pain relief free home birth for this course to be relevant, you will also find this really helpful if you’ve already decided you want all of the drugs!


Birth plans – why they’re not useless and after the course you’ll have everything you need to write yours.


You’ll learn evidence based and logical tools and techniques that you can use during pregnancy, while you’re in labour and for motherhood!


The birth partners role – we do the whole course together, your partner is going to be included in everything so that the pressure is off for you, you are in this together – by the end of the course your birth partner is going to know exactly how to support you.


Fear release – you’ll understand how fear will impact labour and how you can minimise it, you’ll not only enjoy your pregnancy more but you’ll also have a more comfortable labour.

What’s included?


10 hours of birth preparation – it’s a full antenatal / birth preparation course.


2 x books – The Calm Birth Method by Suzy Ashworth and Men, Love and Birth by Mark Harris.


5 hypnobirthing MP3s to build your confidence, help you to relax and release fear.


A toolkit and resources pack containing all of the tools and techniques you’ve learned.


Neals Yard, MooGoo and Weleda samples.


Discount on Pregnancy Relaxation classes and TENs machine hire.

Informal, impartial, friendly and very informative. Really built on what we learned at NCT and provided us with lots more information and choices - regarding the birth - that we didnt know about. Was so useful to be shown how to do all the different hypnobirthing techniques and to be able to practice them and find what works for us.

When, where and how do you book?

January Weekend Birth Preparation course in Caterham – £275 per couple

Sunday 20th & 27th January, 10 am – 3 pm

February Evening Birth Preparation course in Coulsdon – £275 per couple

Tuesday 5th, Sunday 17th, Tuesday 19th and Sunday 24th – 7:30-9:30 pm

March Weekend Birth Preparation Course in Coulsdon – £275 per couple

Sunday 10th and 17th March, 9 am – 2 pm