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Hypnotherapy to turn a Breech Baby

If you’re here it’s probably because you’ve been told that your baby is breech.


The good news is that most babies tend to turn into the optimal position for birth between week 30 and week 37 so if anyone tells you before this point that your baby is breech you can take it with a pinch of salt as your baby might not have turned yet.


If you would like to encourage your baby to turn into the optimal (head down) position for birth then Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to do that, with a success rate of 81%.


How does Hypnotherapy encourage your baby to turn?


While your baby is in utero they are a part of you and so your sub conscious mind recognises them as a part of you. I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that your mind has complete control of your body and so this is how physical changes can be made. The relaxation/fear release will also relax any constricted muscles which will also allow your baby to turn.

In a study done at a prominent university, 81% of the babies turned to vertex (head down) position with the use of hypnosis

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There’s more about the study below…

In a study done at a prominent university, 81% of the babies turned to vertex (head down) position with the use of hypnosis:


Design: Prospective case series compared with historical, matched comparison group.


Subjects: One hundred pregnant women whose fetuses were in breech position at 37 to 40 weeks’ gestation and a matched comparison group of women with similar obstetrical and sociodemographic parameters derived from databases for other studies from the same time period and geographical areas.


Intervention: The intervention group received hypnosis with suggestions for general relaxation with release of fear and anxiety. While in the hypnotic state women were asked for the reasons why their baby was in the breech presentation. As much hypnosis was provided as was convenient and possible for the women until they were delivered of the baby or the baby converted to the vertex position.


Main Outcome Variables: A successful conversion for the intervention group was scored when the baby spontaneously converted to the vertex position before delivery or successful cephalic version. The conversion rate of the intervention group was compared with the comparison group who received standard obstetrical care without the opportunity for hypnosis.


Results: Eighty-one percent of the fetuses in the intervention group converted to vertex presentation compared with 48% of those in the comparison group. This difference was statistically significant.


Conclusions: Motivated subjects can be influenced by a skilled Hypnotherapist in such a manner that their fetuses have a higher incidence of conversion from breech to vertex presentation. Psychophysiological factors may influence the breech presentation and may explain this increased frequency of conversion to vertex presentation.


From Archives of Family Medicine, Vol. 3, Oct. 1994 Hypnosis and Conversion of the Breech to the Vertex Presentation Lewis E. Mehl, MD, PhD Dept. of Psychiatry Univ. of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington