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Just Hypnobirthing Intensive

An absolutely amazing teacher. I had so much negativity about birth and saw birth itself as a horrific procedure. I now feel in complete control of all situations and believe that I’ve got this. Honestly do not know what I would of done if I hadn't of done this course with this lovely lady.

Who is this workshop for?


You may have already got the birth preparation/antenatal bit sorted, either from a course or from books…


…you might be kicking yourself that you hadn’t heard about Hypnobirthing earlier as you’ve heard how powerful the techniques are and you know you want to get in on that action but you’ve already paid for another course…


You might have read a Hypnobirthing book or two and are still feeling like you don’t really know if you’re doing it right…


… Or you know you’re doing it right but you want to get your birth partner involved, you want them to be as familiar as you are with the techniques so that you’re confident they’ve got lots of tools and techniques to support you.

Honestly, Leah is just fab and I’ve happily recommended her to pregnant friends recently. She is extremely knowledgeable and if she doesn’t know the answer she’ll go out of her way to find someone/somewhere to help. It was partly due to Leah that me and my husband felt so positive about my pregnancy and our whole birth experience. She made us feel SO empowered, prepared and aware of all the choices we had. She’s a massive asset to the local community and other pregnant couples.

What’s included?


This practical 3 hour workshop will give you and your birth partner all of the Hypnobirthing tools, techniques and complete toolkit of everything you need to keep you both confident, calm and comfortable in labour.

✓  Plenty of time to practice the techniques, with my support, so that you’re completely comfortable with them.

✓ Powerful Hypnotherapy session, completely personalised to you as an individual.

✓ A digital toolkit and resources PDF containing all of the techniques and tools I share with you.

✓ Discount on TENs machine from TENs Care.

All of the techniques are evidence based, it was all very logical and made so much sense to me. My partner also found it useful as he knew exactly how to help me when I was in labour so it gave us both a confidence boost!

Booking information:

Private Just Hypnobirthing Intensive – investment £297.00*


*You can secure your booking by either paying in full (10% discount) or paying £100 as your first instalment, followed by two instalments of £113.00.