Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood Support in Surrey
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1:1 sessions that don’t have any set theme or structure, they’re all about you and completely tailored to you.

We will talk about your goals, how you feel and how you want to feel and make a plan to get you there.

I’ll share simple and effective techniques too, so that you are immediately feeling more in control of how you’re feeling.

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Perinatal Anxiety is anxiety while you’re pregnant or in the year after you’ve given birth. It could also be called antenatal anxiety if you’re pregnant, or postnatal anxiety if you get it after your baby is born.

There are things you can do to change your perspective on worry, feel more in control, minimise the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms, so that they don’t feel as all-consuming.

You’ll learn some simple but powerful techniques so that you’ve got a toolkit that you can use when you’re feeling anxious and a realistic and clear plan.

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1:1 Hypnotherapy based sessions in Coulsdon, normally 2-3 sessions.

These sessions will change the way that you’re feeling about your experience. We obviously can’t change what has happened but it is definitely possible to feel less raw and emotional about it.

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A 2 hour introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in Coulsdon.

While you can use EFT for lots of things, this workshop is specifically focused on the challenges of Motherhood. Because let’s face… it’s not always a walk in the frikkin’ park!

It’s a great opportunity to learn a technique that you can use over and over again, for loads of different things, that you don’t need to do alone or in silence – which means you can use it any where or anytime you need it!

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Reiki is a great opportunity for you to take some time out for yourself – or book a session for you and your baby.

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This Facebook group is a supportive and non-judgemental community of local mums, it’s a great way to find out what’s going on locally, get recommendations, share the highs and lows of Motherhood and make friends either online or in person. We meet on the first Saturday of every month too.

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