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Navigating Motherhood

A bit off centre? Completely lopsided?


So your whole world has just been turned upside down – you should be happy right? You’ve just become a mum. You’ve got a beautiful baby. You should feel complete, whole, overjoyed… shouldn’t you?


Whether you planned to have your baby, he or she was a complete surprise or you went through the gruelling process of ‘trying’ or fertility treatment for months or even years. You should be grateful? You should feel overjoyed… shouldn’t you?


This is a magical time isn’t it?


I’m calling bollocks – bollocks to this whole ‘should be feeling’ idea. You are you, how you feel is how you feel.


There’s no right or wrong way to feel – your life has just changed enormously. Your hormones are all over the place and you are sleep deprived beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. Your relationship with your partner has changed beyond recognition and even when you’re surrounded by friends and family, you’re fucking lonely.


Then there’s this baby, who cries, who needs you every single minute of the day and night. Demanding your time, attention and love constantly – whether you fell in love with this little bundle of joy as soon as you met, or you’re still working on it (that’s ok too by the way), it’s still overwhelming and exhausting.


It’s absolutely ok to feel how you’re feeling – you’re definitely not alone.


If you want to feel differently about what’s going on right now, then you absolutely can and I would love to help you.


I can help you to strike a balance between being you, being a mother and being a partner.


If you want to feel calm, confident and in control. If you want to let go of those anxious thoughts that make you second guess every decision that you make, that keep you up at night when you’re laying there thinking “go to sleep, the baby will wake up soon”, if you want to stop feeling guilty about how you’re feeling and enjoy being a mum, if you want to be more decisive and be the mum you always thought you would be, then let’s do this!


You can feel like you again.


If you want to…


Invest in yourself and your own well-being.

Increaseyour patience levels and tolerance.

Sleep better.

Create a realistic self-care routine.

Feel confident in the decisions you make so that you can shrug off those ‘you’re making a rod for your own back’ comments with a smile.

Learn how to tell the difference between worry/anxiety and your maternal instincts/intuition.

ImproveImpro relationship with your partner.

Incorporate relaxation into your day without giving yourself even more to do.

Feel calm.

Believe in yourself.

Lose the mum guilt.

I will listen without judgement, help you to change the way you’re feeling and teach you realistic techniques that you can use when you need them, to help you navigate motherhood in your own way, with confidence.


Whether you have been diagnosed with postnatal depression, suspect you have it but haven’t had a formal diagnosis, have anxiety, baby blues, PTSD or anything along these lines – I can help. The work we do together can complement existing care plans and I can work alongside other healthcare professionals.


Give me a call and we can make a plan that is right for you – 07786 556665.


Investment for sessions in Coulsdon*: £60 for 1 hour, £100 for 2 hours


*can be in your own home if you’d be more comfortable, depending on where you are.