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Perinatal Anxiety

What is Perinatal Anxiety?


Perinatal Anxiety is anxiety while you’re pregnant or in the year after you’ve given birth. It could also be called antenatal anxiety if you’re pregnant, or postnatal anxiety if you get it after your baby is born.


Most people are very familiar with postnatal depression, if they haven’t had it they know someone who has… anxiety though, certainly in my experience, isn’t really talked about or taken seriously in the same way that postnatal depression is.


It’s exhausting isn’t it – to constantly worry, to go over and over and over the same old thoughts, feeling like you’re going mad, wondering if you’re already mad, second guessing every decision that you make.


Feeling that dread in your stomach that something is really wrong, then second guessing yourself and dismissing it, only for that nagging feeling to return minutes or hours later – is this ok? Am I ok?


Feeling like you’re not a good Mum or that you’re constantly doing something wrong. Constantly worrying about your baby and with any slight increase in temperature, thinking there’s something seriously wrong, always jumping to the worst case scenario.


Having no control over your own thoughts – one minute being absolutely fine and the next, having the worst thought pop into your head, that leads down a path of hypothetical doom and gloom.


Your friends and family don’t really get it, you’ve probably heard the sentence “just don’t worry” so many times and while you know that they mean well, you just want to tell them to eff off because if it was that easy you would have done it by now!


You might have even mentioned how you’re feeling to your doctor or health visitor and they’ve reassured you that it’s normal to feel the way you’re feeling as a pregnant woman or a new mum so you now you kind of feel like there’s nothing that you can do and that you have to put up with it. There is and you don’t.


You are not alone and there are lots of things that you can do about it.


Working with me


I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll never worry again, that’s completely unrealistic and some worrying is actually good, imagine if you were running yourself a bath and weren’t worried about the temperature so you didn’t check it before you got in, you could burn yourself or it might be too cold.


There are things you can do to change your perspective on worry, feel more in control, minimise the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms though, so that they don’t feel as all-consuming.


You can feel more in control of your thoughts – learn to think in a more positive, helpful way, get rid of old unhelpful thinking habits and create new, more positive and helpful ones.


I’ll show you how to tell the difference between your anxiety or worry based thoughts and your gut feeling/intuition, so that you know when to take action when something genuinely doesn’t feel right.


We’ll look at ways that you can nip that rumination in the bud, I will share some techniques with you to give you a bit of headspace by turning the volume down on your internal dialogue.


If you are reading this and nodding and thinking “yes, this is me and I want to do something about it!”, please do give me a call!


My methods


I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner and Reiki Master so if you’ve got a specific interest in one of these methods or a specific disinterest then let me know – if not, we’ll probably use a combination of all of them in some way or another as they’re all really effective.


How many sessions will you need?


That’s entirely up to you – sometimes it’s a one off, two hour session and then a clear plan of action from there, sometimes sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis work better. There’s really no set structure here – whatever works for you.


Can you bring your baby?


Yes, of course you can! Babies and toddlers are welcome if you’d feel more comfortable or childcare is an issue. Please let me know in advance.

When, where and how do you book?

1:1 session in Coulsdon


Your first session is £30 and will be around 30 minutes – it will give us a chance to get to know each other and plan further sessions.


Investment for further sessions: £60 per hour, £100 for two consecutive hours in Coulsdon