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What is Reiki?


Reiki is a form of energy healing, founded in Japan in the early part of the 20th century. Reiki, pronounced “ray-key”, is a gentle and effective healing system that works on every level, not just the physical. It can benefit everyone, from young babies to adults*.


Ok… I know what you may be thinking at this stage… healing!? I thought exactly the same before I experienced Reiki and I can assure you that it is incredible!


I suffered a great deal with anxiety and abdominal migraines caused by stress to the point where I would fear going out. Reiki was a last resort for me having tried lots of conventional solutions and despite being sceptical, it worked and it worked a treat! Please don’t rule it out until you’ve experienced it!


Reiki treatments reduce stress in the body, inducing a state of calm. The body can then activate its own natural ability to heal. Reiki treatments are extremely relaxing and the benefits are immediate. It can be used in conjunction with other complementary therapies and conventional medical treatments.


How can Reiki help during pregnancy?


Well as you hopefully are aware by now, especially if you have done a Hypnobirthing course with me, that stress is not beneficial in any way during pregnancy.


During my pregnancy Reiki helped me with the following:


Relaxation – that was the biggest benefit by far, before I did Hypnobirthing I was a bit of a worrier and a tad tense (that’s a massive understatement), Reiki just allowed me to switch off and completely relax.

Energy levels – I spent the first trimester exhausted, perked up slightly for the beginning of the second trimester and spent the last trimester falling asleep with my eyes open (ok, I wasn’t quite that bad), but after a Reiki treatment I always felt rejuvenated and energised.

Heartburn – now this was one thing that really got my goat throughout my pregnancy, out of nowhere, just from drinking water sometimes, I’d get killer heartburn. Reiki definitely reduced this for me.

Aches & pains – I experienced a fair bit of pelvic pain during my pregnancy as my little bundle made himself at home in my uterus which significantly reduced with Reiki treatments.

Sleep – I never had issues with sleep until I was pregnant but it’s like as soon as my eyes would close I would start to think about what was on the baby list that we hadn’t bought yet, what my baby might look like and of course things like wondering if I’d locked the back door… After every Reiki treatment and for a couple of days afterwards I slept like a baby (not the baby that I was carrying as he didn’t feel like he ever slept in there, just used my bladder as a punching bag)

The most wonderful benefit for me of having Reiki treatments throughout my pregnancy was feeling my little bundle of joy wriggling around inside me – he was always very active during treatments.


Reiki really is incredible and can support you through the emotional, physical and spiritual changes that pregnancy brings. Relaxing during your pregnancy is also incredibly beneficial to your birth and your baby.


Reiki is completely safe at any stage during pregnancy.


Postnatal Reiki


Reiki is also a great way to relax once you’re in charge of a newborn baby, which let’s face it, can take a bit of adjustment both mentally and physically. Whether your labour was swift and uncomplicated or a very intense marathon, Reiki can also help you heal physically and emotionally.


You can enjoy a Reiki treatment with your baby, or have a bit of well-deserved me time while someone else looks after your bundle of joy for an hour.


I really hope that this is enough information for you to want to give Reiki a go, even if you think it’s a load of mumbo jumbo like I did when I first discovered it, I really hope that you experience it and reap the many benefits like me!


Reiki for your baby/children


Babies usually love Reiki – my little boy certainly seems to really enjoy it and he is always very calm afterwards and sleeps very well.


Reiki treatments on babies and children is shorter as they respond quickly to it. Combined Reiki treatments work quite well and the beauty of Reiki is that you can lie down, sit in a chair, feed your baby all while the treatment is being carried out.


I would be delighted to answer any questions so please feel free to ask away!


Reiki sessions are £45 for the first session and £40 for subsequent sessions. Discounts are available for block bookings. To book you can call me on 07786 556665 or e-mail me on leah@thepurepeach.com.


*Although my services are geared towards parents and expectant parents, Reiki is beneficial to everyone – if you aren’t a parent or an expectant parent but would like to book a Reiki session, please do get in touch.


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